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I had a great time last weekend at my local fibre festival, Fibrations.  Loads of weavers, spinners dyers, and more. There was even a booth demonstrating how to turn flax into linen. Neato. I showed great restraint and only came … Continue reading

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60-yard sock

…and the yarn jumped on to my needles and became one wee sock. Self-striping yarn with no pattern repeats.  Time to dye: 30 min. Time to untangle the giant mess I created with my striping method: 1 hour. Totally worth … Continue reading

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Letter to a Skein of Wool

Dear March Shipment of the Tanis Fiber Arts Club, You are freakin’ gorgeous. Someday I will knit with you, but for now I am content simply to squoosh you and pet you and rub you against my neck.  And I’ll … Continue reading

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Letter to a Vintage Knitting Magazine

Dear Beehive for Bairns Volume 2, Nothing sells wool quite like the power of “health-giving ultra-violet rays”. You and your old-timey science are adorable.  Sincerely, Catherine

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I need a fake ID

I discovered yesterday that I have misplaced my driver’s license. I am sticking to the term “misplaced” rather than “lost” because it suggests I have simply “placed” it somewhere other than in my wallet. Like, I’m totally organized and in … Continue reading

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