60 yards


I just couldn’t wait for the Knitpicks shipment to arrive. Proper acid dyes to come later, but for now I give you 60 yards of Kool-Aid-Dyed glory. Self-striping. My kitchen smells like lollipops. 


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The socks that started it all.


I had trouble sleeping one night about a month ago.  You know when you think you can hear an insect buzzing in your ear but you can’t see it, and somehow in your sleepy state you determine that repeatedly smacking yourself in the head is your best shot at silencing the little pest?

It was exactly like that.  Except it was the sock knitting bug. And it bit me. Hard. 

It started innocently enough with this wee little pair of socks for a baby-to-be, knit from the leftovers of the wool that I used to make socks for his mom a while ago.  There’s apparently something very motivating about socks so small you can complete them in one or two sittings.  Something that makes you believe that adult socks are really not much bigger, and they would also be very quick to knit. 

Before I knew what was happening, I was binding off a pair of Cookie A’s Wanidas, and casting on for Nancy Bush’s Fox Faces

Also, I may have had a retail accident involving more self-striping yarn. And bare yarn and dye. 

Here we go. 


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Actually, it’s probably K-ing AL, not KAL-ing in the same way that it’s passers-by rather than passer-bys. People with strong feelings about grammar, please feel free to weigh in. Maybe this is moot because KAL isn’t a word.

But anyhoo, regardless of whether I’m knitting-along or knit-along-ing, I am participating in my first ever knit-along and it’s a good one. It is the Through the Loops mystery shawl KAL. My limited crafting time and ability to be easily distracted by new projects has thus far prevented me from being part of a group knitting project, either online or with “real” people.  But this one just seemed to be calling to me. I’m a big, big fan of Kirsten Kapur’s designs and I just happened to have the perfect skein of lace weight cashmere that I bought for my birthday and have been saving for a special occasion.

(Side note: my first cashmere. It’s true what they say: first you begin experimenting with silk/merino blends, next you’re obsessively rubbing a half-finished cashmere shawl against your cheek, before you know it you are thinking there’s no harm in a skein of bison or camel. Oh dear.)

I have done more knitting than the picture above suggests, I’m just keeping it under wraps to avoid accidentally spoiling the mystery for anyone. The final clue arrives this week and I’m excited to see how things turn out. Assuming I don’t run out of yarn.

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Bam! FO!

I’ve discovered the secret to getting things done: actually doing them. Yep, it turns out that all I needed to do to make a dent in my pile of UFOs was just to pick one of them up and keep knitting. Life lesson.

Another life lesson: procrastination just makes things take longer.

I started knitting this blanket about six months ago and then got to the point where I needed to wind more yarn. Now, I own a swift and a ball winder and I keep them right beside the couch in case of yarn winding emergency.  So, winding the rest of the yarn was about a 10 minute task. But, you know, a task that requires standing and making a whirring sound and not knitting.  Enter procrastination.

Then, having procrastinated long enough to turn 10 minutes into 6 months, I had a wild burst of energy and wound the wool.  Before I knew it, bam! Finished!

The result, which I am totally in love with, is a sproingy, cheerful, colourful blankie. This is the second blanket I have knit from Purl Bee’s pattern and it will not be the last. Perfect mindless tv knitting, but still a bit of adventure and excitement seeing the colours progress.

That’s right. Adventure and excitement.

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UnFinished Objects


me: I really need to start F-ing some O’s here. 

fellow knitter: Tell me about it. I just don’t seem to have any motivation to F anything lately. 

non-knitter: WHAT?

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Happy Mother’s Day


A great way to spend the day: a cup of tea, a sunny afternoon, and a new book. 

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What a crappy day.

You know how they say “it’s not a challenge; it’s an opportunity”?

Yeeeeah, nice try Mr. Glass Half-full.  Sometimes it is just a challenge.  Or, in the case of yesterday, a thousand tiny little challenges.  I’ll try again today.

Also, here’s a picture of my orchid.

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