Oh look, more socks!


I don’t want to brag, but I believe I have knit the greatest socks of all time.

That sounds crazy, I know, and you probably have a pretty great pair of socks on the needles too, but I just can’t believe that any socks in the world could be better than these. Great pattern, great fit, beautiful yarn.

But what really clinched it for me, what made these socks rise above all others I’ve knit – and I think this gives you a glimpse of who I truly am deep down – is that they were educational, too.

First, a vikkel braid, then a Dutch heel, and finishing off with an English toe. All new to me and all beautifully and simply explained by the great Nancy Bush.

The vikkel braid* in particular blew my mind. I’d seen them before – a horizontal line of stitches across a vertical piece of knitting – and just sort of dismissed it with a shrug and “oh, those crazy Estonians”. I don’t know what type of magic I thought was involved, but it certainly didn’t occur to me that it’s just, y’know, knitting.  As it turns out, it is exactly what it looks like: you simultaneously knit a row and cast off a row at the same time.

<insert sound effect of my mind being blown**>


Finally, the heel.  I saw the instructions, looked at a few pictures on Ravelry, and thought it seemed a bit goofy. Not bad, per se, but just a less elegant version of my usual, standard sock heel. But I figured I should try it at least once before dismissing it completely, and so I knit it up as directed and ended up with this narrow little cube of a heel.  Which, it turned out, were an exact, perfect, meant-to-be fit for my narrow little cube heels.

Greatest socks ever.

Image* And yet, no picture. I know, I know. Photographing dark objects is not my specialty.

** Probably less of an impressive bang and more of a low, soggy whump.

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3 Responses to Oh look, more socks!

  1. Julie says:

    I love that you had such a positive experience knitting these socks, it’s the holy grail of a knit- great pattern, great yarn, and learning new tricks! The socks are GORGEOUS.

  2. cpeezers says:

    These are great socks! Thanks for the link to my tutorial on how to do the vikkel braid. I love doing that braid, and I’ve wanted to try it out on another pattern. I need to check out these socks. I also never thought about the fact that I was actually knitting and casting off at the same time. Very cool!

  3. cpeezers says:

    ps I realized that these are the “fox faces” socks. I’ve looked at those, and I have to try them soon!

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