The yarn is Tanis Fiber Arts blue label, colourway from this year’s fibre club. Lovely stuff.

The socks are Wanida by Cookie A.  Such clever construction, but simple to knit up. Every second round is a knit round which means they work up quickly and I have half as many chances to make mistakes. Beautiful.

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2 Responses to Wanida

  1. waywardleaf says:

    These are lovely. 🙂 I was lucky enough to receive a book that contains this pattern for Christmas one year, and Wanida was the first design I tried. Unfortunately a poor choice of yarn meant that the pattern barely showed through but yours look great!

    • caterpillargreen says:

      Thanks! I almost did the same thing, but fortunately went with the lighter coloured at the last moment. The pattern really is too subtle for dark or super variegated yarn.

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