Actually, it’s probably K-ing AL, not KAL-ing in the same way that it’s passers-by rather than passer-bys. People with strong feelings about grammar, please feel free to weigh in. Maybe this is moot because KAL isn’t a word.

But anyhoo, regardless of whether I’m knitting-along or knit-along-ing, I am participating in my first ever knit-along and it’s a good one. It is the Through the Loops mystery shawl KAL. My limited crafting time and ability to be easily distracted by new projects has thus far prevented me from being part of a group knitting project, either online or with “real” people.  But this one just seemed to be calling to me. I’m a big, big fan of Kirsten Kapur’s designs and I just happened to have the perfect skein of lace weight cashmere that I bought for my birthday and have been saving for a special occasion.

(Side note: my first cashmere. It’s true what they say: first you begin experimenting with silk/merino blends, next you’re obsessively rubbing a half-finished cashmere shawl against your cheek, before you know it you are thinking there’s no harm in a skein of bison or camel. Oh dear.)

I have done more knitting than the picture above suggests, I’m just keeping it under wraps to avoid accidentally spoiling the mystery for anyone. The final clue arrives this week and I’m excited to see how things turn out. Assuming I don’t run out of yarn.

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  1. reWOLLuzza says:

    I feel tempted to rub my face against the monitor – this yarn looks so great!

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