Bam! FO!

I’ve discovered the secret to getting things done: actually doing them. Yep, it turns out that all I needed to do to make a dent in my pile of UFOs was just to pick one of them up and keep knitting. Life lesson.

Another life lesson: procrastination just makes things take longer.

I started knitting this blanket about six months ago and then got to the point where I needed to wind more yarn. Now, I own a swift and a ball winder and I keep them right beside the couch in case of yarn winding emergency.  So, winding the rest of the yarn was about a 10 minute task. But, you know, a task that requires standing and making a whirring sound and not knitting.  Enter procrastination.

Then, having procrastinated long enough to turn 10 minutes into 6 months, I had a wild burst of energy and wound the wool.  Before I knew it, bam! Finished!

The result, which I am totally in love with, is a sproingy, cheerful, colourful blankie. This is the second blanket I have knit from Purl Bee’s pattern and it will not be the last. Perfect mindless tv knitting, but still a bit of adventure and excitement seeing the colours progress.

That’s right. Adventure and excitement.

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  1. Pretty thing! I love the colors.

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