Letter to a Skein of Wool

Dear March Shipment of the Tanis Fiber Arts Club,

You are freakin’ gorgeous. Someday I will knit with you, but for now I am content simply to squoosh you and pet you and rub you against my neck.  And I’ll take you out at different times of day and in different lighting to see the full depth and subtlety of your  greens and blues. Sometimes I will even let my friends hold you. And then I will tuck you safely into your own little baggie with your own personal pattern.  Because you deserve it.

I think this exactly what any normal person would do.

With love,


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One Response to Letter to a Skein of Wool

  1. Cerulean Moon says:

    Ah, I’m glad I’m not the only one who talks freely to her yarn! 🙂

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