smooshy baby love

Soft chunky wool + garter stitch + colours = lovely smooooshy baby blanket

This project is 100% Purl Bee . The pattern is directly from the blog (although “pattern” seems like an overstatement for a garter stitch rectangle) and the colour palette is inspired by their beautiful crochet projects. I felt very brave combining beige, yellow and orange (hellooo, 70’s track suit!) but I think the overall effect is great.

I love this so much that I didn’t want to give it away. Even to a really cute baby. That’s how much I love it. I think you’d love it too if you could see it in person and give it a squishy hug.

Also in progress: socks from hand-dyed wool. I go back and forth between thinking that these will be the most beautiful things I’ve ever made to thinking they give off an acid-wash-jeans kind of vibe. Time will tell.

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