What I did on my summer vacation.

1. Read a book.

2. Slept.

3. Knit this:

This is a poorly photographed version of the Featherweight Cardigan done in a double moss stitch.  I was determined to knit a gray sweater so that I could wear it with everything in my limited wardrobe. One of the lessons I learned is that plain grey is a less popular yarn colour than, say, variegated grass green, so don’t just go waltzing into your LYS expecting to leave with the perfect gray laceweight of your dreams. I walzed/sashayed/slunk dejectedly into four yarn stores before finding this. It’s Sandnes Garn Mini Duett, a fingering weight cotton/wool blend that is soft and flowy and isn’t even pilling a bit after two weeks of continuous wear, not even in the armpits.  (Why didn’t I just order some gray wool online? Because I was leaving on vacation in two days and hadn’t planned that far ahead, that’s why.)

I’m so happy with how this turned out. I’ve received several compliments already from non-knitters who were surprised I had knit it since it looks so “store bought”, “professional” and “not homemade”.  I don’t know if those comments were actually intended as compliments, but I’ll assume they were.

4. Drank wine. We were in the Okanagan. There were at least two dozen wineries within 10km. When in Rome, drink wine.

5. Bought this:

This is 78g of hand-everythinged alpaca. Hand sheared, handspun, sold direct at the farmer’s market. The woman selling the wool used to own three alpacas which she has since sold to concentrate on running a vineyard. What a life, hey? Anyway, this was the last of the wool from her alpacas.  I’m not usually an impulse-buyer, but how could I resist? She even showed me a picture of Pinto, the fine brown alpaca who was the previous owner/wearer of this wool.

6. Experienced a passenger-side-window-mechanism-failure which meant we did the five hour drive through the mountains with the window wide open.  I am pleased to report that it did not rain, snow or hail, I did not get hit in the face with fast-moving bird poop, and the hearing loss was minimal and temporary.

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  1. That sweater is beautiful!

    There is a difference between “handmade” (good) and “homemade” (not good). Perhaps the difference is being a perfectionist with your handiwork and not settling for poor quality in both materials as well as workmanship. So saying your sweater didn’t look homemade was a compliment. =)

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