I have been assimilated

I remember a time, not too long ago, when I couldn’t understand why people bothered knitting socks. For the time it takes, you could be well on your way to a sweater. For the price you could own a dozen Costco tube socks.

I hardly recognize the person I used to be.


I have come to several realizations:

1. Socks are very portable. And stockinette is very easy to do on a bus without getting carsick.

2. My husband is far more enthusiastic about one pair of handknit socks than a whole bag of Costco socks.

3. Stripes! Green and blue stripes!

4. They’re inexpensive and quick enough that if something goes horribly wrong, you can, without any guilt, hide half a sock behind the couch and pretend it never happened.

still more stripes!

These are a generic sock pattern with some twisted stitch ribbing along the back in an attempt to prevent slouching at the ankles.  DGB Confetti superwash wool which is holding up well so far and has the all-important Husband Certification of Non-Itchiness.


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3 Responses to I have been assimilated

  1. redfear says:

    Congratulations (or is it condolences) on the assimilation! I really like your ribbing – ingenious striping effect!

  2. beentsy says:

    There is no saying no to socks. They are insidious. As is sock yarn. 😉

  3. Joan says:

    I hope you come back from Planet Socks soon (cue music from “The Twilight Zone”!

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