Oh excellent. I’m so glad I finished this gigantic scarf just in time for shorts season. Whatever.

It is, of course, Ysolda Teague’s beautiful Peaks Island Hood. A very fashionable friend of mine had requested it as a birthday/Christmas gift. (I warned her she would receiving a very belated Christmas gift, but I did get it done before her birthday.)  So the upside of the oddly chilly evenings we’ve been having lately is that she had a chance to wear this a few times before the woolies were banished to the back of the closet for the season.

I had a minor moment of panic when, three quarters of the way through, my husband looked at it and commented on how it looked like there were two colours and how nice that was. Two colours? Did I not notice a change in dye lot? Did I spill something on it? Maybe this is how I discover I’m actually hopelessly colourblind?  Oh crapcrapcrap.  Turns out no, but the wool does have a nice sheen that makes the the light reflecting off the seed stitch bumps (seeds?) made them look lighter and shinier than the rest. In a good way.

I was so pleased with how that scarf turned out, I almost immediately moved from my first Ysolda project to my second. Here’s Ishbel on the needles.

A shawl is a year-round accessory, right?

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  1. beentsy says:

    Just think of yourself as being incredibly ahead of next fall/winter. 😉

    Your friend is very lucky, it is gorgeous!

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