Button Button

I find that many buttons at, say, Fabricland, appear to have been made in the 70’s and they’re still selling off their stock.  The wrong buttons can easily have a kind of reverse-synergy effect on a sweater, where the sweater and buttons become less than the sum of their parts and the knitting itself looks worse just by physical proximity to the buttons.

With this in mind, I ventured out to Button Button which had been described to me as “the greatest button store in the world”. That might be an exaggeration, I don’t know, but they did have an impressive selection of high quality and hand made options. It amazes me that a store that exclusively sells buttons can stay in business but I’m glad they do.

Here’s one of four pink buttons I bought for a gift for a friend. They’re nicer in person. The other three are attached to a scarf; I wound some spare wool and the extra button around the card from Button Button so that my friend will know where to go if she doesn’t like pink.

I also found some little flower buttons for a baby cardigan. They had nicer flower buttons but they were all shell or glass or something that seemed pretty inappropriate for baby clothes.

Cute, right?

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