Wee knits

My friends have been busy lately creating tiny new human beings. Not only are babies cute, but they are very small and therefore easy to knit for.  (They also grow out of little clothes very quickly, but let’s ignore that part for now.)

A hundred miles of stockinette stitches later, I had this little sleep sack (pattern here, look here to see the full cuteness potential). I have no idea how useful this will be but if I personally were 20″ long with minimal control of my own limbs, I think I’d want one.

The new mom is a crafter herself and was a roommate of mine back in my crocheted toque phase so she knew to make all the right comments about the time and thought that goes into a handmade gift. The new dad seemed more impressed with the gift tag.  He’s a great guy and also said nice things about the knitting so I don’t hold it against him.

A similar thing happened with my family at Christmas too.

My mom: Oh, it’s lovely. It fits so well.

My brother’s girlfriend: Wow, you made these? You’re so talented.

My dad: What font is this?

You can’t win ’em all but since I made the gift tag, I’m going to call it a victory.

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  1. oaxacaborn says:

    Haha! LOVE the font comment…hilarious.

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