Mini Crue

As he gets older, my brother becomes increasingly difficult to shop for. There’s not a whole lot that he wants that he doesn’t already have. He’s not the man who has everything, he’s just the man who doesn’t really want all that much. My Dad’s the same so birthdays and Christmas are always a bit tough, what with trying to be two steps ahead of both of them and figure out the thing that future-them will want but current-them hasn’t thought of yet. Some years I’m more successful at this than others.

This year, my brother’s birthday was one of those successes. I found something that was clearly missing from his life but that he didn’t even know exists.

Seriously.  My brother was completely unaware that he had a hole in his existence the exact size and shape of a Motley Crue cross-stitch. I don’t have a picture of the finished item yet, but based on the in-progress shot above I think you’ll believe me when I say that it was glorious.

When he first saw it, he had a speechless moment and then, “Clearly this is a rock band, but is it supposed to be a particular…I guess it could be Motley Crue, right? I mean, there’s the blond guy whats-his-name, and that would be Nikki Sixx. Totally. And oooooh, that must be Tommy Lee in his underpants. Or wait, this one is Nikki Sixx and that one is the guy who looks like he’s dead. Whoa.”


For the record, this is a shameless copy of rubykhan’s fantastic cross-stich which itself was inspired by flipflopflyin’s minipops.

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