A for effort

Just over a year ago I found FlintKnits’ blog and saw her post about a potholder swap. (I can’t find the post anymore but I swear I’m not making it up.)  She had crocheted these gorgeous potholders and I was so envious of all the people who joined the swap.

If you breezed past that last sentence without giving it a second thought, you’re probably on Ravelry.

For everyone else, let me slow that down. Yes, gorgeous crocheted potholders. Yes, envious of people doing a potholder swap. Yes, that surprised me too.

When I found out about this year’s swap, I couldn’t resist.

And the other side:

If you look closely, you’ll see why this gets me an A for effort but F for achievement. I gave ’em a soak and they bled. One of the blue yarns got overexcited and trespassed on the white yarn’s lawn. Several times. There goes the neighbourhood.

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