Just like Batman’s utility belt.

I finally got all the bits together for my personalised knit kit. This is far more exciting than it should be. It’s like having super powers or something.


  • Altoids tin (not technically contents, I guess)
  • Needle size gauge (it’s cardboard and so won’t last forever, but it had the benefit of being the right size after I cut off the top and bottom)
  • Crochet hook (I bought a cheap plastic crochet hook and cut it down to size; I dream of someday upgrading to additional sizes in less-bendy materials)
  • Stitch markers and those little rubber stoppers for the ends of needles (in a pill container that’s not in the picture below)
  • row counter (hanging from a stitch marker)
  • scrap yarn
  • mini craft knife (not TSA-approved, obviously)
  • nail clippers
  • tapestry needles which conveniently became weakly magnetic after I experimented with attaching them to the lid of the tin with curiously strong magnets
  • 3-foot tape measure (started life as a 6-foot tape measure but met my mini craft knife)

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