I finally saw the light. In the span of about two weeks I went from not believing that it was worth the effort of knitting socks (store-bought socks take less time, cost less money and last longer…) to understanding that handknit socks are one of those little secrets to happiness that only a lucky minority truly appreciate.

After falling in love with my Monkeys, I cast on a pair of plain socks for my husband. Voila:

Pattern: Universal Toe-Up Sock Formula by Amy Swenson

Yarn: 400 yards Knit Picks Felici in Putty

Needles: 2.25mm dpns


For those of you who are good at knitting socks, these might not seem particularly impressive. For those of you whose gauge varies “a bit” with your mood like mine does, check out how well these puppies match.

Granted, I started at the toe so they’d better match at that end, but even by the heel they were only a few stitches off. By the top of the sock (which I’m not showing you) there were about half a row off. Victory is mine!

For reference, I think I need to show you the last pair of socks I made for this man. This are the socks I mentioned before that were completed during a highly unsuccessful attempt to enjoy knitting many years ago. They are preserved for all time in this terrible quality photo.

Do you see that?  The reason these really aren’t a pair of socks, but really a single sock plus a second, companion sock “inspired” by the first?

Try counting the stripes.

I didn’t knit again for five years after finishing these.

But today I am vindicated. I have knit a pair of matching striped socks. Simple and straightforward and knit at the same gauge.  I even snuck in this heart in purl stitches near the top of each leg, what with it being Valentine’s day and all.

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