Woooooooo! and other random thoughts.

1) I got this text message from my mother-in-law last night: “dinner pancakes?”

Needless to say, she and I get along very well. Pancakes on Shrove Tuesday was never a tradition for me growing up, but I’m open to new experiences when pancakes are involved, you know?

2) I have never felt so patriotic in my life. Vancouver is plastered with Canadian flags. The signage on public transportation says things like “99 B-Line UBC Go Canada Go!” I can see fireworks every night from my apartment. Canada has five medals already. Woooooooo!

3) After finding what I believe was toothpaste on my laptop, I have vowed to treat my electronics with more of the dignity and respect they deserve.

4) Knitting mitten liners from sunshine and rainbows is actually more time-consuming than you might think. Rainbows are a bit splitty.

5) I have not found my driver’s license yet. It suddenly hit me this morning that when I do find my driver’s license, it will be exactly where I left it. This is obvious, I know, but came as a depressing realization.

6) Sunset is now at 5:30, meaning it’s not dark til after 6:00. Sunshine has returned to the land and the days are only getting longer. Rejoice.

7) I just learned that Clara Hughes, the Canadian Olympic flagbearer, has won medals in both the summer and winter olympics. Cycling and speed skating. Holy. Crap. I’m not sure if that’s inspirational or just makes me feel inadequate. Either way, she’s amazing.

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