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In progress.

Update, update. I found my driver’s license. It was in the washing machine. (Of course it was. Where else would it have been?) This means A) I may drive again, and B) I was able to claim my big new … Continue reading

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I finally saw the light. In the span of about two weeks I went from not believing that it was worth the effort of knitting socks (store-bought socks take less time, cost less money and last longer…) to understanding that … Continue reading

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Woooooooo! and other random thoughts.

1) I got this text message from my mother-in-law last night: “dinner pancakes?” Needless to say, she and I get along very well. Pancakes on Shrove Tuesday was never a tradition for me growing up, but I’m open to new … Continue reading

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I need a fake ID

I discovered yesterday that I have misplaced my driver’s license. I am sticking to the term “misplaced” rather than “lost” because it suggests I have simply “placed” it somewhere other than in my wallet. Like, I’m totally organized and in … Continue reading

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Dear jerks. Please stop stealing my money. Thank you.

Seriously. This is the second time in a few months that someone has somehow obtained my info, made themselves a fake card, and started spending money. The first time it was a credit card shopping spree starting that was caught … Continue reading

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My beautiful socks are complete! I have never worked with such tiny yarn before and I was fully prepared for a month or two of sock knitting.┬áTurns out, I can knit a pair of socks in a week. When I … Continue reading

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