Love vs Scarf

Dearest husband,

My love for you is never ending, but has a length of 520 yards, give or take the accuracy of my digital scale multiplied by the ratio of (192 yards/50 grams).

My love for you has no bounds, but has an area of 6″ x 60″ = 360 square inches when unstretched.

My love for you is complex, but is a simple repeating pattern of k2, sl2.

My love for you is timeless, but took about 15 minutes per row.

My love for you cannot be spoken, but is is also generally called “Henry“.

My love for you has no equal, but is metaphorically a scarf.

My love for you is renewed and remade every day, but if you were to leave it on the back of a chair at a restaurant or put it through the wash, then don’t expect a new one anytime soon, buddy, because that was a lot of damn work.


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3 Responses to Love vs Scarf

  1. beentsy says:

    Excellent! The knitting and the post. šŸ˜‰

  2. perches says:

    lovely scarf! hilarious post šŸ™‚

  3. Frenchknit (Joan) says:

    What beentsy said! I’m smiling because the post made me laugh, you’re done with the scarf, and it’s beautiful!

    And now, back to my regularly scheduled linen stitch.


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