Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays to one and all!

It’s Christmas Eve morning and I am sitting quietly, catching up on emails and drinking a cup of tea. After a busy month, I somehow find myself with nothing pressing to do. It’s a wonderful feeling.

We spent last night watching Harry Potter and wrapping gifts and I’ve now got a very satisfying pile of packages for the whole family. I don’t know how I found the time, but there will be handmade gifts for everyone this year.  Not big handmade gifts, mind you, but made with love nonetheless.  And not only did we wrap gifts last night, but I also made some sweet little gift tags.

I enjoy gift giving much more than gift receiving (but don’t get any ideas, I still like gift receiving…). The anticipation of people unwrapping their presents is almost more than I can take. I finished knitting some of these gifts weeks ago and I would really like to start getting credit for it.

Or, wait, no. Um.  I mean I would really like to spread joy and happiness via woolly accessories. Yes, that’s it. But the joy won’t spread anywhere on its own, people have to get the ball rolling by ripping open some packages.

In a few hours we’ll be heading over to my parents’ place for a day with the entire family. It’s what the holidays are about, really, and I know how lucky I am that we are all healthy and happy. So all the best to everyone this year. If you celebrate Christmas, I wish you a Merry one.

And as always, eat well; it’s important to take advantage of readily available gravy, egg nog and shortbread to store up energy for the long winter months ahead.

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