Too picky? Naaaah.

I’ve been grafting together lots of garter stitch pieces lately (finished objects! pictures to come!). While my kitchener stitch looks pretty good if I do say so myself, it’s not totally invisible because of the edges. My sewn edges are just a little sloppier than the rest. This is fine if I’m picking up the stitches or knitting a border, but on a project like, say, Ysolda Teague’s garter stitch mitts, the edges are left as-is. I know it’s a silly little detail but these things tend to bother me.  There may be 10,000 stitches in a sweater, but the only one I can see is the one that was purled when it should have been knit. Sheesh.

When a quick online search didn’t give me the how-to I was hoping for, I decided to figure it out and write my own. So. If you’re as detail-oriented as I am  (not “anal”; “detail-oriented”), here’s a tutorial for you.

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