not too old for stuffed animals, apparently

In my “annual” tradition, I attended the Circle Craft Christmas fair this year. I say “annual” rather than annual, because this is really only the second consecutive year I’ve been, but my lifetime total is four which, for me, is pretty regular.

There was a lot of amazing stuff to be seen and prices ranged from “I have that much money in my wallet” to “oh, sweet lord, put this thing down before you break it and have to sell the soul of your first-born child to repay that debt”.

This year, I was particularly taken with all the adorable stuffed toys. Wow.

These little bunnies by Mimi were incredibly cute. There’s something about clothes on stuffed animals, don’t you think?

The Cate and Levi booth was full of adorable stuffies sewn from felted sweaters. Doesn’t every kid need a manta ray, walrus or chicken?

Plus, the Wrestler and the Needle had some ridiculous ickle monsters that I wanted to take home with me to smother with my unconditional love. Seriously.

This has inspired me to go out and make some felted toys of my own (christmas gifts for friends’ babies! or so i claim!). As usual, this means I’m considering completely abandoning the projects I’m in the middle of and was super gung-ho about until three days ago…

I think I’ve narrowed it down to a pattern from thebirdsandthebees but then again, these are pretty amazing too. Mwa ha ha! I will make them all! Mwa ha ha! Until I get distracted by something else! mwa ha….oh….

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  1. Ruby Dabling says:

    The bunnies look a lot like the primitive bears that my sister, Elizabeth, taught me to make that are such a big hit with children.

    I love that walrus!

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