note to self

Sometimes I need a little reminder that life is really pretty great. I don’t often win the lottery or get discovered as the next big supermodel, but life has a lot of wonderful little moments if I remember to slow down enough to appreciate them.

1. I very nearly stapled my sleeve to a report last week.

2. I’m currently drinking a cup of tea and eating a peanut butter oatmeal cookie.

3. I walked down a busy street for 10 minutes with my fly undone. Fortunately I was wearing hip, young person pants with the really short fly, so I don’t think anyone noticed.

4. I saw Gordy Dodd on the ferry from Vancouver to Victoria.  Up, up and save!

5. I had time to knit most of a baby sweater last week plus make some progress on my husband’s Christmas scarf.

6. I had a nice hot bath on the weekend.

7. My LYS is full of beautiful, soft, colourful yarn, and they’re very nice to me even when I don’t spend any money.

8. Unlimited hugs available for free at home.

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