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Douglas Coupland.

“So welcome to an intimate evening with me, here in the middle of H1N1 season.” Every once in a while, I get to do something that would have made my 16-year-old self very, very envious. Seeing the Lowest of the … Continue reading

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Warm, practical and cute.

A week camping in late August convinced me that fingerless mitts are absolutely wonderful and I need a pair for every day of the week. The deer and chipmunks kept quiet about it, but I’m sure they were coveting these … Continue reading

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Success! One skein of Koigu = one (small) shawl.

Success! After a few false starts, I managed to turn one skein of Koigu into one perfect little scarf. This scarf is the lazy-woman’s version of Clapotis. Clapotis is usually much, much bigger and, to be honest, also much nicer. … Continue reading

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coffee cozy + old juice bottle = vase

Oh! Thank you for the lovely flowers! I will just put those in water…in, um…ok, which looks more like a vase: a Nalgene bottle or the kettle? Let me just dig through the recycling…. You’d almost think this was on … Continue reading

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Not a typo, there are definitely aMINals not aNIMals. You can tell because they’re so cute. I have finally finished a mobile for a friend’s new baby. This took about three months to complete and I am always pleased when … Continue reading

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